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Prince Castle

Prince Castle
  • Dedicated Holding Bins

    Dedicated Holding Bins

    Prince Castle DHBs are an integral part of QSR work-in-process operations in which menu items are prepared to order on demand. Specifically designed to hold individual menu item components, virtually any fried, grilled or baked food product can be held for an extended period of time and at an improved quality level compared to heat lamps, steam tables or other traditional point of use holding methods. Prince Castle DHBs also include MenuTrak timer bars that off er operators the ability to “supervise” held products by assigning where menu item
    components are located and monitoring hold times. Prince Castle’s MenuTrak technology also provides improved speed of service and product consistency, with added built-in programmable features that alert operators when to cook new product and replace existing held product.

    Ideal users

    Perfect for operations that Make-To-Order their
    sandwiches and other menu items, including:

    • Quick-service restaurants
    • Specialty shops
    • Schools and other institutions
    • Hotels
    • Almost any operation looking to hold individual menu item components longer and to a higher quality

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  • Fry scoops

    Fry scoops

  • Fry baskets

    Fry baskets

    Prince Castle verfügt über eine breite Palette von Frittierkörbe von einfach zu sehr spezifisch. Der Korb eines sehr gute Qualität und meistverkauften Modelle, auch mit einem Kunststoffgriff. Es gibt auch sehr bestimmten Modellen verfügbar zum Braten Fischfilets, Taco zu appelpie.

  • Grill tools

    Grill tools

    Cook-to-order is simpler than ever with Price Castle’s complete line of grill tools and accessories. Products off er durable performance, reduced cleanup time, and labor savings for a wide variety of foodservice applications.

  • Condiment dispensers

    Condiment dispensers

    Prince Castle’s dispensers are the ultimate portion control tools for all foodservice operations. These ergonomically-designed dispensers ensure consistency portion after portion while giving you the fl exibility of variable amounts. Easy to use and clean, Prince Castle dispensers save you time and money.

  • Heavy Sauce dispensers

    Heavy Sauce dispensers

    The sauce dispenser offers the opportunity to use several bottles and or different sauces, with a single dispenser. By switching the bottles, a wide variety of sauces can be selected. The various accessories offer convenience and hygiene.

  • Slicers


    Whether you slice, dice or chop Prince Castle makes it fast and easy to get perfect results. Prince Castle slicers and cutters are designed to slice and cut vegetables, fruits and other food items in one quick and eff ortless stroke. Constructed of durable cast aluminum with stainless steel blades, our line of tabletop food prep equipment ensures operator safety while producing consistent and perfectly-sized portions.

  • Tomato slice accessories

    Tomato slice accessories

  • Steamers


    The Prince Castle Rapid Steamer is an ideal solution for heating and rethermalizing in any restaurant. Able to steam buns, eggs, rice, pancakes, melt cheese and much more in as little as 7 seconds, operators can offer customers more appetizing foods quickly and easily. Digital controls ensure simple and accurate operation while the unit disperses little steam and the surfaces have minimal condensation.

  • Toasters


    Überall auf der Welt nutzen Menschen seit vielen Jahren Prince Castle Toaster. Die gleichbleibend hohe Qualität der Toast machen
    Prince Castle Toaster einzigartig in seiner Art. Die verschiedenen Modelle betrachten ein für jedes Konzept oder Formel geeignete Qualität und Quantität Toasts pro Stunde. Die Toaster sind einfach zu bedienen und zu reinigen.

  • Toaster accessoires

    Toaster accessoires

  • Tuck a note

    Tuck a note

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