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Silver King

Silver King is US based and is best known in the Netherlands for its ‘cows’. These milk dispensers can be found in many a restaurant and are well known among caterers and suppliers of dairy products. Silver King also has excellent Food Service Equipment, cooling and refrigeration equipment for the Food Service, with many extras such as front ventilation, cold air curtains, thermal rubbers, drawers, etc.


Find more information about our products, digital brochures and manuals in our product overview.

New models Silver King milk dispensers

The Majestic Milk dispensers SK5 and SK10 have been innovated. The new model is slightly higher leaving extra storage space for milk cartons. This saves handling. There is no need to run up and down when the milk carton is empty, this saves no-sales during peak hours and less physical effort when changing the milk cartons.

The SK15 remains in the existing execution. The new names for the SK5 and SK10 are SKMAJ1 and SKMAJ2.

In the product overview you will find the new article numbers with the image and description. You can also request a new leaflet. Contact our Sales Department on 030-6017442 or email us at

The Silver King milk dispensers comply with the criteria for sustainable purchasing of Catering equipment according to the Ministry of infrastructure and environment (see page 14 in the attached link).


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