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About Us, that's 4x DQuality:

DQuality Brands
DQ has 2 quality brands in house, with Silver King and Price Castle:

uality Service

Service, that may well be the most important Q, Service is a unique product…. there's not always a price tag attached, but simply personal attention. DG aims to keep its promises. That’s why we’ve contracted a professional, nationally operating technical refrigeration company in case technical service is required, providing quality service. We aim to provide optimum after sales, and are of course always willing to assist our dealers and end users. Know-how and attention result in a unique product, namely: Service.

DQuality Technology
DQ has consciously chosen 2 top brands, so that we can always keep you totally up to date on the latest technology and can supply quality products, by making use of that technology. Silver Kind has its own Research department in America, for example, which is continually searching for new products and new applications.

DQuality Partnership
By working together with our dealers, keeping them informed and continuously thinking along with them, when they need us, we have a Quality Partnership.

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