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Silver King

Silver King
  • Milkdispenser


    The Majestic milk dispenser is compact and offers excellent user-friendliness in combination with superior hygiene.The revolutionary valve construction guarantees a constant product temperature of 4.4° C throughout the entire system. The Majestic milk dispenser is equipped with a unique comprehensive cooling system
    going all the way to the drain plug, entirely in accordance with the new HACCP standardization. The dispenser lends itself to 10-liter bag-in-box packages. These bag-in-box packages considerably reduce the amount of waste as compared to mono or litre packages. The eco-friendly polyurethane insulation makes for an energy-saving, durable, and strong dispenser, which helps to save considerable costs.

  • Drop-in freezer

    Drop-in freezer

    Versatile freezer for storage of ice cream and other frozen products. This under counter model
    can be simply placed in the buffet. Iced drinks can be served more quickly, easily and profitably.
    This freezer is also very suitable for under counter use next to a baking tray or deep fat
    fryer. A useful stock of frozen foods at the right working height. Stainless steel interior.

  • Milkdispenser accessories

    Milkdispenser accessories

  • Spare parts

    Spare parts

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