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Dedicated Holding Bins

Dedicated Holding Bins

Prince Castle DHBs are an integral part of QSR work-in-process operations in which menu items are prepared to order on demand. Specifically designed to hold individual menu item components, virtually any fried, grilled or baked food product can be held for an extended period of time and at an improved quality level compared to heat lamps, steam tables or other traditional point of use holding methods. Prince Castle DHBs also include MenuTrak timer bars that off er operators the ability to “supervise” held products by assigning where menu item
components are located and monitoring hold times. Prince Castle’s MenuTrak technology also provides improved speed of service and product consistency, with added built-in programmable features that alert operators when to cook new product and replace existing held product.

Ideal users

Perfect for operations that Make-To-Order their
sandwiches and other menu items, including:

  • Quick-service restaurants
  • Specialty shops
  • Schools and other institutions
  • Hotels
  • Almost any operation looking to hold individual menu item components longer and to a higher quality

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